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  • ekuligow
    How to update Custom Data Fields using XML
    I am trying to change a custom data field for 300 + entries. I would like to use bulk upload of an xml file. Here is my schema; <mrss version="1.0"> <channel> <item> <customDataItems> <action>update</action> <customData metadataId="198" metadataProfile="MediaSpace" metadataProfileId="71"> <action>transfo…
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  • RichardStarr
    Where is there working c# sample code?
    I looked at this page The problem is, it does not work with client code which I guess is user created. I have the old client, but I wanted to use the newest provided so I can upload a large file in pieces.
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  • RichardStarr
    Sample KalturaClientTester not working for me.
    Hi, I'm new to Kaluta, please bear with me. I work for a company that has been using Kaltura for a while. They wanted to update an upload process which was failing due to size issues. I found a sample code of c# on the site. github.com/kaltura/KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsCsharp I removed most of the code in the "main" section leaving only the following.  uniqueTag = Guid.NewGuid().ToS…
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  • Dani
    Update regarding recent upload errors in KMS
    Greetings, Sharing an important update from the Customer Care team below. The recent Mediaspace deployment on May 11th contained two changes related to resolving upload errors. The first was related to file size. The second added the ability to test a different configuration as another potential improvement. Specifically, it added a configuration feature, a flag that could manually change/contro…
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