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  • rileya
    Using KMS as a video repository for a LCMS
    Has anybody use Kaltura Media Space as a video assets repository to be use with an e-Learning Authoring tool or Learning Content Management system (i.e. Xyleme, dominKnow)?
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  • erhan14
    Kaltura HLS videos not completed
    Hello there, When some of the HLS videos we get through Kaltura come to the final chunk , the videoBitrate increases and the video becomes distorted. This problem does not occur in every video. Can you review it? Error: Problem encountered with playlist 1- Only audi…
    erhan14 407 views 2 comments Most recent by Russ Enterprise
  • Russ
    Gadget Corner: There's a Light...
    Happy almost Halloween, thus the vaguely RHPS-inspired Gadget Corner post about lights! Image credit: 20th Century Studios Modern cameras and sensors are far more forgiving about lighting than they used to be. The digital (and then HD era) along with software processing has made it so most video will look at least "pretty good" even with terrible lighting. But you can seriously up yo…
    Russ 73 views 3 comments Most recent by suzanne_rees Kaltura Platform
  • Dani
    The Future of Work!
    Great video from our GM Navi Azaria that was shared on LinkedIn. Enjoy!
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